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Client-side tech

HTML5 is the latest iteration of the HTML standard, bundling together new semantic html markup, broader CSS definitions and new, powerful JavaScript functionality. As the web has evolved, there has been more need for optimizing content for both mobile devices, and search engines - HTML aspires to do just that.
Is your website up-to-date with HTML5?


JavaScript enables interactivity with your web-page. Creating custom scripts for your site will allow you to customize user-experience and optimize deliveration of content. JavaScript is a very powerful tool embedded in HTML5, and creates dynamic interaction between your users and your website.


jQuery is a powerful JavaScript framework that leaves a ton of functionality easily accessable. Utilizing jQuery will give you functionality that is almost guaranteed to work in all the major browsers, and ensures that your scripts will work for any platform.


CSS3 is the lastest technology used for styling websites, creating beautiful design, transitions, shadows and other eye-catching content. With CSS3 you can create content that is appealing and interesting, and even impressive. Using CSS transitions you can create a more life-like presentation of your content.

Server-side tech


PHP is a very powerful scripting language that runs in the server environment. This technology is widely used to create websites that communicate with databases or generates output based on the user's input.


MySQL is a very popular database-engine used in most of the systems that run on PHP or incorporates data that needs to be stored and used at a later time, such as userdata, productdata or images.


PostgreSQL is another database-engine, also very popular, and is very often depicted as a faster engine, with more accuracy and better error-handling. This type of database should be used with more demaning systems, and systems that are likely to expand and grow bigger in the future.


Node.JS is the new and hot tech in the market. It is incredibly fast and efficient, and runs on Google Chome's V8 engine. It is written in ECMA-script, commonly known as JavaScript, and can be used to perform demaning interactive and dynamic tasks

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